Frequently asked questions

Who can be the service buyer?
There are no restrictions for service buyers.
Who can be the service seller?
Sellers can be self-employed individuals or businesses from these countries. We also recommend that you or your company have experience in science, technology, engineering, or math. While we do not prevent registration of sellers from unrelated fields, you might have a difficult time finding job offers that match your skills.
Are sellers employees of Scilancer, LLC?
No, service sellers are independent freelancers, or small businesses.
Can I be both a buyer and a seller?
Yes. You can be both. You can switch between buyer and seller account types easily.
What type of jobs can I post?
The offer must not be for a full-time or a part-time employment, but rather business-to-business contractrual offer. In addition, the sellers are experts from various STEM fields, therefore the jobs should require skills from those areas. While we do not prevent posting jobs from unrelated fields, you might have a difficult time collecting bids for such offers.
Must contracts be signed and stored online?
We do not require storing contracts online. Only the total amount and payment schedule is required to be confirmed online by signatures. We will create corresponding invoices and payments based on the agreed payment structure.
Must service sellers be paid online?
Yes. All payments must be submitted on our web site. We provide convenient ways to pay with credit cards, ACH bank transfers (USA only), and bank wire transfers.
Is there a minimum payment requirement?
Yes. Minimum contract amount is US$1,000.
How much is Scilancer's commission?

We have a low, regressive commission based on the payment size:

Payment Commission
first $10,000 7%
$10,000 to $100,000 5%
over $100,000 3%

Example: A payment of $50,000 has a commission of $2,700 (5.4%):

$10,000 × 0.07 =   $700
$40,000 × 0.05 = $2,000

We levy no transaction fees from incoming payments.


Help documents
#1 Register new account.
Register new account. To register a new account at Scilancer, go to the Sign Up page. Once there: Choose your country of reside
#2 Reset password.
Reset password. To reset a password for your account, go to the Forgotten Password page. Once there: Enter your 8-digit account
#3 Post job offer.
Post job offer. To post a job offer, log in to the Marketplace as a service buyer and go to Post job offers. Once there: Enter

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