Service buyers

Buyers can use Scilancer to find STEM freelancers to work on short-term research and development projects.

Service sellers

Sellers can use our platform to find contractual research and development jobs and stay on top of all related bids, contracts and payments.

  • Feature

    It all starts with a job offer

    Service buyers can post their job offers accompanied by detailed candidate requirements, including skills, experience, country of residence and more.

  • Feature

    Detailed job search and filtering

    Service sellers can search for keywords in job titles and descriptions plus filter jobs based on various criteria, including experience, country of residence, remote vs. at-home work, geographical distance and more.

  • Visual seller profiles

    Quickly glance at illustrative seller summaries, or dive into more detailed profiles. Download a complete curriculum vitae or other relevant documents directly from the seller's profile page.

  • Feature

    Prepare bids and contracts

    Submit a bid with payment schedule, or upload a custom bid document using internal messaging. Contracts are generated from bids and can be amended to allow for payments based on time or work milestones.

  • Pay online with confidence

    Securely pay sellers online without sharing any financial information with them. You can pay with credit cards, or ACH transfers with a click of a button. Bank wire transfers are also available for larger payments.


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